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 Hilo, Hawai Big Island, Hawaii,  USA
Alfred Seabury, Broker/Realtor, Hawaii Big Island

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Alfred Seabury, Broker/Realtor for Hire on the Big Island of Hawaii!
Tel:(808) 969-7863  Cell:(808) 430-1014  Fax:(808) 935-7405 

CLARK ORCHID ISLE, 101 Hualalai St. Hilo, HI 96720
NOBODY Knows the Big Island like we do!

CLARK Orchid Isle Properties

Have you heard the old adage that 20% of the agents do 80% of the sales? We thought we'd put that to the test. In our unofficial count of sales for 2011, out of 859 agents and 6709 sides of a sale... we found that 20% of the agents are doing ... about 61% of the real estate sales on the Big Island of Hawaii. This equals at least 1 sale a month for these agents.

We would like to acknowledge the following agent for being in the top 20% of agents in number of sales in 2011 for the Big Island: Alfred Seabury.


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